Waboose, Keeper of the North

Waboose, the Spirit Keeper of the North, whose element is earth. The manifestation of Waboose is White Buffalo. Its mineral is alabaster. Its plant is the sweet grass. The color associated with Waboose is white. The season is winter; the time of day is midnight; the time of life, is both the time when we are elders with the snow upon our heads, and the time of life, when we are newborns coming back into the world.

Waboose directly influences all the moons in the northern quadrant:

  • the Earth Renewal Moon (December 22 to January 19; Snow Goose)
  • the Rest and Cleansing Moon (January 20 to February 18; Otter)
  • the Big Winds Moon (February 19 to March 20; Cougar)

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Originally published at Shamans Way.