Woman Rising — Awaken the Storm

This is the fourth annual woman’s retreat I am co-hosting with Haven Art Therapy owner Nkki Featherstone from www.ourhaven.ca . Nikki is a witch with many years of experience in exploration of the soul. She has dedicated her practice to the worship and understanding of the Goddess in our Modern culture.

Our Retreat beautifully combines Shamanic Journeys, Art Therapy and Ritual as avenues to explore and heal from the wounds of trauma. I dedicated one of my podcasts to Grief, an outcome of Trauma to share some of my thoughts and ideas. I dedicated two podcasts to Raven in honor of the Spirit Kin we will be calling upon during this work (part 1 and part 2).

Through the years I have held sacred space in my healing room for people moving through their journey from Trauma to healing to integration. This weekend provides the opportunity and tools to enable you to release your ensconced within soul, Grief.

Dates: July 13, 2018 to July 15, 2018

To register please visit: www.ourhaven.ca

We gather Friday eve, July 13th to enter into Sacred Space, meet each other and begin a beautiful opening ceremony. We start Saturday and Sunday with a voluntary yoga class. Saturday is our long day of digging deep spiritually, artistically rendering our trauma and recovery (artistic skills are not necessary) followed by a deep and powerful ritual Saturday nite. Sunday, after voluntary yoga of course, we continue with our integration work, followed by a beautiful closing ceremony.

Have you ever been told to Just Breathe? We are continually asked to breathe, to remember our breath, to start and begin with our breath.

What about when we want to SCREAM? Shout, Keen, Lament, Moan use up all the Air in the space to finally let out the pain that we embody from a life lived as a Woman in a system set against us?

As the saying goes, we will need a lot of Air to create this Hurricane together.

Walking this world as a Woman means traumatic wounding; Our own and that of our Sisters, Daughters, Mothers, Grandmothers, Aunts… we live in a culture that does not provide the Sacred Communal Spaces for that pain to be Held, Processed, Grieved, and Transformed.

It wasn’t always that way.

Raven has been speaking for more than a year now — Create the space, swirl the energy, channel the Goddess and form the Healing Ground for this Cauldron of Alchemy… Bring your pain, your grief, your woundedness, your moans, your aloneness, your abonnement, your utter despair to the Healing Ground. You will be Held in the ancient tradition of Women Holding Women. You will find Acceptance. You will find Connection. You will finally find the Sacred Container that can Hold ALL of you and ALL of your pain.

The only way out, is through.

Through this sharing, holding and honouring of pain, grief, isolation, disconnection and utter despair we will, together, Awaken the Storm of Change. Raven teaches us to soar upon the currents, allowing the Sacred Air to RISE UP within us and use our Grief Energy to Awaken the Storm within each of us alone, and in all of us together as Sacred Women. We will arm ourselves with our Women’s Knowing, this Sacred Knowing that only comes through a Woman’s Grief. Through Sacred Ritual, we will BECOME the Raven and ride the Storm out of our Darkness and into the Power of Change; into the Power of Creation, this creative energy that Sacred Women innately channel.

The opposite of war is not peace. It is Creation. It is up to us.

Join us.

Gather with us under the Dark of the Moon on the auspicious Friday the 13th, as we lift our Voices up in the Roaring, Soaring, BANSHEE Cry of Women’s Grief and Healing.

Take this opportunity to find and make claim your connection to the Spirit of the Sacred Warrior Woman. Heal your own wounds, which in turn heals ALL Women — and our World.

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Originally published at Shamans Way.