Treasure or future?

There is a gang of sailors set on a sail. They had worked to get a huge treasure chest and are sailing back home with the riches. As luck would have it, there are signs of a massive storm, just building up. The ship is huge, strong and has survived long years. Had been through many a storms and kept sailing.

Some sailors just continue in their own mood, very confident that nothing can rock this one! Some are indeed concerned and try convincing the captain to steer it towards the nearest safe anchoring point. Well a captain is a captain and makes his own calls. The captain does not believe that there’s any real trouble. He is in a hurry to reach home and flaunt the treasure. Besides he had lived to see many such storms.

At one point there is a shore in sight but most of the folks barely bother. The few ones who are worried, are contemplating departing from the crew and going towards the shore. One such man asks the captain, “Hey Captain, i am leaving the ship but have worked as hard as everyone else in getting that treasure, give me my piece”.

“When you are leaving, just leave, the treasure belongs to the sailors on the ship”, frowns the Captain. Everybody gets it loud and clear. STAY ON THE SHIP TO GET A PIECE OF THE TREASURE. There’s hardly anything left to be said further. The folks in doubt still fearing for their lives jump off the ship on a small boat and start rushing towards the shore in sight. Just leave unceremoniously. While rest of the crew keeps going. In a few hours as the storm worsens, the crew sees the leavers reaching the shore. They keep partying and going on, as always. As if all was well.

THUD!!! That’s the sound of reality hitting the ship and the crew all in a moment. a huge wave has swept across the ship and damaged quite a bit. It takes everybody just a few brief moments to imagine what could happen next. Everyone rushes up to the captain, beg him to do something. “Let’s sail to the shore, we still might survive. We can still swim to the shores if nothing. We won’t die”, says one. “Who gets our treasure my men? think about it. You are going to be rich people when you get back with the trove. You will never again need to work! And here you are worried and bothered by a storm! Are you sailers or not?? Just keep doing what you are and we shall be reaching home soon”, roars the Captain.

Greed, is singularly the most logic altering emotion.

After some amount of argument they agree to split the treasure right away so if anything happens to the ship everybody still gets their share. Apparently people seem more bothered about splitting the riches rather that saving the ship. Lowest in the hierarchy fellows are assigned to keep the ship going while the others split up the treasure.

With deliberation, fights, arguments and lots of cursing that finally the treasure is split. Most of the folks are feeling elated and pitting the ones who jumped off for the safe shores. Though not everybody is happy. understandably, the ones who worked the most for the ship to stay afloat get the least. Now those who got better that their expectation are so happy that they barely are interested in doing anything much. Those who were not happy, were demotivated for obvious reasons. Effectively nobody was interested in putting in the extra effort, which was so critically needed.

In a while, as expected the ship starts to sink. Still the sailors are bothered more about saving their part of the treasure rather than helping each others survive. So when they all sink, the ones who had more riches sunk faster. Those who still had some senses, just tried to save their own lives and some of them succeeded.

Who made a better decision? Can’t say. Everybody had a point of view. Though i tend to believe that value of riches is only as much as is perceived. If you are still alive, there could be more treasures to be discovered.

All of us encounter such situations very often in current job market. It’s your own best judgement that will get you the treasure or help you march towards future. Seldom there is a possibility of getting both, mostly life offers a choice.

The story of your life is what decisions you made in each of the situations presented to you.
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