Sex and Relationships: How Much is Enough?

We all love a nice night or day of love making, but how much is enough? I am guessing it varies for each person. The real question is, what are you seeking through this intimate act of sacred bonding?

Sex can be fun. It can be rejuvenating. It can be wild and weird. Sex bonds you and your partner together. It is the natural life energy that flows through us and is an expression of that life energy. We seek sex for pleasure. We seek sex for procreation and having little ones. We seek sex for connection.

Sex can be draining. Very draining. Emotionally and physically draining. It can be fun, but it can also be abusive and manipulative. It can cause pain and sorrow, the opposite of creating connection and love. It can take away our life energy, the energy that powers our drive to live and create beauty in the world. It can be detrimental to one’s health. I am sorry to spoil the sex party. It is not always about love. Sometimes it is selfish.

The sex with my partner started off with such love and passion. It was slow and sweet. It was real love making. Then the real kinks started to come out and it turned from beauty to darkness. I love the kinky stuff from time to time don’t get me wrong, but not all the time. It has been draining to try and live up to the standard all of the the time, and honesty, I enjoy the act of foreplay and love making.

Lately, sex has been draining. My partner seems to want it all of the time. Right when we finish, my partner wants it again. It is like I can never please them, but it is because they are seeking for something that I cannot share with them. It has turned into a chore. It has lost its spark and its fun. I can only put out so much of my life energy.

I am not sure if other relationships suffer from similar issues. My partner complains that I should be happy that they are attracted to me and want me all of the time. I beg to differ. My relationships are not always about sex. I find the passion and beauty in the smaller things. Sometimes it feels that sex objectifies another person. My partner looks at me as an object sometimes, just a person to fuck and to get them off.

Next time you are with your partner, think about the act of sex and why you are engaging in the sacred bonding. Think about the mutuality between the two of you. Is it something that you both want? Is it something that you both agree on in the moment? Let me know your thoughts!