Which music to listen to at different times and why

Dr. Shambhavi Das
Feb 2, 2019 · 4 min read
Logic Behind importance of Tunes & Time

Have you ever thought that most of the time you’re in music intervention, but it doesn’t heal you actually? Or you do feel joy and bliss listening to the certain tunes but it’s not actually healing you from within? Well in that case you must understand the logic behind the listening to the particular at the suitable time. Yes! It is exceptionally essential to listen/play/sing the right kind of music at the right time for healing purposes and better brain functioning.

Let’s come to the logic behind this before merging the emotions with sound vibrations and then with time cycle. I will start with the human emotions because thoughts and emotions are the origin of all stress and anxiety. Bliss, joy, euphoria, tension, stress, self-esteem: all emotions are the advanced stage of thoughts. Inner healing begins with balancing or directing these origins in a better way, without suppressing it. Most often we notice that we perceive and react to the petty situation which don’t need much attention like being overstressed on what to wear for the party, or spouse is not helping to wind up the kitchen. On the other hand, we should perceive the situation little more than we do such as laid back or extra-cool while fetching the flight thinking, “its okay! I have time.”

Scientific researches state that the direction and positioning of the moon rules the flow of fluids, as well as the individual’s body’ fluids, mucus, phlegm and affects the unconscious mind, dreams and thoughts.[1] Thus, possibility is that our stress levels, reactions and deep perceptions may depend on the celestial body’s movements.

Emotions and thoughts are deeply triggered by sounds vibrations. Author of The Universal Sense and auditory neurologist, Seth Horowitz says that sound is in the background and often taken for granted, yet it developed to trigger deeply-held emotions.

It takes just one-tenth of a second for our brains to begin to recognize emotions conveyed by vocalizations, according to researchers from McGill.

Day and night time sphere have a great deal of impact on the emotions caused by the subtle and suitable sound vibrations. Therefore, it’s highly essential to give your body right tunes on the right time.

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Day-Night time with Ragas

Ancient Indian musical heritage has already scripted and documented the suitable pre-defined sound templates, (which we call ‘Ragas’) according to the time cycle or the Kaal-Chakra. One person who has executed the widespread research in this Raga-samay padhhati (Raga-time theory) is Pandit V.N. Bhatkhande. Pandit Lalmani Mishra has also documented a few stuffs on this topic.

Indian musical tunes or ragas are defined into 12–12 hours within 24 hours having 8 time-zones (Prahar); 4–4 zones in each meridian. Fours zones of 12 midnight to noon being: 12 am -3, 3am-6am, 6–9 and 9–12 respectively and the cycle is repeated from noon to midnight.

Sound vibrations and reverberates our chakras constantly. Thus, there is an interesting reasoning behind why one should listen to the correct tunes at the correct time cycle.

Here is the chart:

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Some recommended musical pieces according to the time-cycles:

Video: 12–3 AM time Meridians:

12PM to 3 PM: Raga Bhimpalasi,

Few ragas together!

3 to 6 Time Meridians Recommended Pieces: Ragas Bhairava, Prabhat Bhairava etc. between Dawn 3 AM to 6 AM .

Dusk 3 PM To 6 PM: Raga Marwa, Puriya, Sohni, Puriyadhanashree, Purvi, etc

6 AM to 9 AM: Morning Ragas: Joy, ecstasy, Bliss…

6 PM to 9 PM meridian: Raga Yaman, Bhoopali

Raga Yaman Vocals
Movie Song in Raga Yaman

Raga Bhupali

Movie song in Raga Bhoopali

9 AM to 12 PM: Raga Brindavani, Patdeep, Maand

Amazing Pieces!!! simply Bliss!!

9 PM to 12 PM Ragas:

Thumri reproducing Romanticism and love!!
Raga Maanj Khamaaj

This is a general classification of the moods, time and the ragas. However, moods and emotions of an individual may vary listening to the certain ragas on a certain time. The point is that one should be open and liberal enough to take the tunes and also to accept the emotions being generated with a particular raga.

There are multiple recommendations on the Ragas or the tunes one should at the correct cycle of day and night; and its utmost importance to feel the emotions emanating through a particular raga. One should be aware of what kind of emotions are generating from the tunes. This way we (music therapist) can document this field more scientifically and rationally.

[1] E.Hartman, “Dreaming sleep (the D state) and the Menstrual Cycle.” Journal of Nervous and mental diseases Vol. 143 (1966, pp. 406–16; E.M. Swampson and D Foulkes

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