Some of Kira’s redesigned login screens 😊

Kira, a Case Study


As a UX designer/developer at Kira Systems, one of the first pain points I noticed was Kira’s registration and login flow. Kira is an app that extracts information from contracts using machine learning, and is used primarily by lawyers for due diligence. When users can’t access their work on the app, we hear about it.

We would get 5–7 support tickets per week with these types of issues:

Help, I can’t login! My activation/password reset email never arrived!
The link on the activation/password reset email you sent is broken!
I know my email address and password are correct, why can’t I…

So you want to learn Clojure. Maybe you’ve (I’ve) started a job as at a startup and you (me) literally have no idea what functional programming is.

In 2016 I started working at a startup that uses machine learning to read documents and pull out the important bits for lawyers to review. I was hired as a UX developer — so, someone with both design and dev skills. Problem was my dev skills were solely in Javascript and a tiny amount of PHP. I jumped into a workplace where people were really nerdy (always a good thing!) …

Illustration cred: Marissa Betley

When things first started falling apart for me, I was totally at a loss for where to turn for help. If anyone would know where to find help, it should have been me — I’d been working in the social service sector in Toronto since I was 17. And yet…I could not find a therapist. I didn’t know where to start.

I needed help navigating a mother who had threatened to commit suicide if I moved out, an extended family that said they would blame me if she did, and the extremely abusive queer relationship I had fallen into. …

Sarah Hamdi

Software developer @DotHealth + comics + contemporary art + snacks + taurus + have no chill 😑 + she/her.

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