This is not about Halloween costumes.

It’s not about that though. It’s the other side of that coin. People SHOULD be allowed to engage in racist speech, and people who disagree with those people should be able to speak against it.

It’s a simple fact that this isn’t evenhanded. If you don’t like something that’s on you. To make rules stating what kind of expressions are and are not acceptable, and to call for members of the college to be removed is a call to censor.

It’s why the 1st amendment defends people like the Westboro Baptist Church from being able to hold rallies. You don’t need to agree with their speech to say that their speech is acceptable.

50 years ago, people who fought this fight had masses of bigots fighting against them. If we caved to popular opinion, there wouldn’t have ever BEEN a civil rights movement. By saying that now that you’re on top you don’t need the laws that allowed you to get there is foolish, and an immediate point to say that you’re “more equal” than other people, to pull a phrase from Orwell.

If you want to have freedom of assembly, that goes for everyone, be it Black Lives Matter, The ACLU, The KKK, or the Westboro Baptist Church. That means that if you don’t like what someone else is saying you have the same rights as them, and that means you can say what you will to counter that. By stripping someone of their rights, you are tacitly saying you have no argument against them, and that’s pretty bad, when a racist’s argument is typically “blacks r dum” and you can point to plenty of brilliant black individuals to show that it’s obviously not the case.

If you’re so afraid of a dissenting opinion all that says to me is that you have little faith in your own position. Defend your beliefs. Don’t espouse this bullshit to prevent other people from defending theirs.