Bis for Black.

There comes a time when black means more than just a colour, I believe in every single soul’s life. However this isnt a story where words can be spoken for everyone…

So there was this period in life, back from 2006, or to be precise back to 2001? 2002? 2003? Hard to say now. As its getting blurred year by year. But in the far-far 2000'something there was a girl, that lived with eyes full of love to life and steel look to the future. However something went not aacordingly to the plan, lets just assume that there was always one. So something went wrong. Things fell apart. All divided into BEFORE and AFTER. Life did not stop obviously, “time is always on time” and life has a hell of a sense of humour, on top of the punctuality, i have to admit…

Well, we have to jump in time and come straight to 2015 as all of this “pink glass breaking free”, “truth realisation” came to action only in 2015. At least that what i want to believe in, as black is so back and this time the “girl” isn’t a girl any longer and has to stand the fight, or should it even be a fight?

Haah, there is no room for fights in her little, still massive world, there is enough going on outside of her own one. Maybe its just time to face the “Black”? To WEAR the Black fully, comfortably, peacefully, beautifully, harmonically? Enjoy instead of fight and let it lead you to a happiness and harmony?

You still can create a rainbow… you still can colour splash… you can make it a desktop to a beautiful changes that are been postponed for too long. They have not been trashed and erased untreacably. NO. They were silently, patiently, faithfully waiting, when the girl, will become a woman and where the BLACK appears finally wear as it should be worn and use it as it should be used. For better, only for better as the “worse” part is been played more than WELL as hell.

In the end of it all, when it comes to black, “Black is the colour that can be used FOR or AGAINST you. Only YOU can choose which way you want it. ONLY YOU.
Remember only when you choose it FOR you, YOU become a woman that WEARS black and only this way you can live a colourful life to the full.

According to the plan. As I assume there was always one.

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