Sorry, Sean…

Sean Penn on 60 Minutes — January 17, 2016

Ever since Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman made a tunnel and escaped from prison like a Super Mario Brother last July, I’ve been secretly having a guilty pleasure of “Chapo Watch”, just seeing what he was up to in the papers and all. I don’t care what a bunch of folks say about him, El Chapo may be ruthless, but he succeeded at what every inmate dreamed of doing TWICE and he had a good run, too. That’s why he gets kudos from me.

A few weeks ago, he was captured shortly after a secret interview with actor Sean Penn for Rolling Stone Magazine. Then, it the question hit me, just like everyone else who was keeping up with the story: “Was Sean Penn in on his capture?” Then 9 days after El Chapo got caught, Sean Penn goes on 60 Minutes to speak his peace and I’m sorry Sean, Charlie Rose didn’t buy it and neither am I.

Have you guys ever listened to someone’s story, knowing it’s a bunch of bullshit, but you continue to listen solely for the entertainment? Sean, why would a man who doesn’t know you from a can of paint put all of his trust in you? Why would he risk the freedom that he has taken, not given, TAKEN, just to sit down and do an interview with you? You’re talking about you can’t read his mind on why, but I got three words, Sean: Katie the Cutie. El Chapo had the hots for telanovela star Kate Del Castillo and you played on it royally. C’mon man, let’s be real. You didn’t give a fuck about asking questions about him, how he got started in the cartel, nor his escape and the policy of the war on drugs. Drugs are a huge problem in America, but in all truthfulness, the government makes more money bringing drugs into the country than the war on drugs in the country, so your answer doesn’t fly. Plus don’t make El Chapo the sole perpetrator of the reason of the war on drugs because drugs coming into this country ain’t all from Mexico. It’s a big world out there, Sean. Now do I believe Kate have an hand in getting El Chapo captured? Personally, I don’t think so. She was a fly who fell into a very tangled web.

Now, Sean…you wanna sit here and say you’re sad about the state of journalism in this country but all you really did was give us journalists in this country even more of a bad name. Why? Your actions did not exemplify the profession. You recklessly stepped on toes just to get this so- called story, getting Kate caught up and telling El Chapo that you would let him review the story before it gets published, but lo and behold, it gets published on Rolling Stone anyways a DAY AFTER El Chapo got caught? It was all ego. It was all about you, Sean. You knew that his capture…not his story…would bring you a huge amount of clout. Any real journalist would not have published that story. You have a shit load amount of influence to tell Rolling Stone, “NO”, but you didn’t. You failed as much as that article of yours. You failed just like your marriages. You will forever have to look over your shoulder because you are the man who single-handedly brought down El Chapo and by what I hear, cartels are not that forgiving. You’re the biggest opportunist to date. May that shame and that reputation of yours sit on your shelf like them tarnished Oscars. Deuces.

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