The Thirst (for Awareness) Is Real: Misty Artesian Water | @mistyartesian

Meet the “Misty Bottle of Awareness”, beautifully designed and fostered into a patented ribbon style bottled depicting the Breast Cancer Awareness Movement, and filled with artesian water filtered through Kentucky’s world famous natural limestone caverns.

The Louisville, KY-based company created a bottled water brand that not only delivers a refreshing, thirst quenching experience, but also makes a resounding statement regarding its commitment to supporting cause-centric communities. The mission of Misty Artesian Water is to help to increase awareness and raise proper funding for continued research while spreading a little love for those affected by Breast Cancer.

According to Founder and CEO Misty Washington, Misty Artesian Water bottles are more than just a bold design, “Our bottles are part artesian water, part philanthropic project…we like to call it water with a splash of survivor!”

She added, “Unfortunately, something simple as water is no cure for Cancer, but billions of people drink water every day to survive. What better way to increase awareness and raise the proper funding for advanced research for those hard at work behind the scenes?”

Sales are doing well but Washington is striving for more. The ambitious business woman hopes to have “Misty Artesian Water” on the shelves of every grocery store in the metro Louisville area. After that goal is accomplished she will focus on taking the product national.

For information regarding supplying your establishment with ‘Misty Artesian Water” please contact Misty Washington at MISTYARTESIANWATER.COM or on the Misty Artesian Water Facebook page.


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