Why does the Android System on Samsung Galaxy S6 drain battery when not using phone? — YouTube

A massive battery drop without actively using the phone is usually caused by badly coded apps. Android allows running applications in the background — which may also be active when the phone sits on a table with its screen turned off. Depending on the app’s permissions they may also access your phone’s internet (either via cellular network or Wi-Fi) which, most of the time, is the primary reason for high battery consumption. Have a look at the battery stats inside your phone’s settings screen, which list apps sorted by their battery consumption. The ones on the top are most likely the culprits. If developers don’t fix their app, there is not much you can do but uninstalling them. One of the major improvements that came with Android 6.0 Marshmallow is the so called doze mode, which intelligently saves battery if you don’t use your phone. Said short, it coordinates Internet access of all installed apps while your device sleeps to minimize the battery costly online time of your phon


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