Don’t be Surprised When Life Gives You Surprises

Life is like a box, you don’t know what you will get until you open it— or even — you can barely see what inside it because it is transparent…

But sometimes, the thing inside it, it is not as you expected. Yet you must accept it. No matter what. Then the choices come; be happy or unhappy.

Hold on, before I go too far, do you get what I mean?

Here’s what I mean,

How you draw and color your life depend on how you see it.

The thing inside it, it is not goddamn important shit!

If you open the box and you get something which never (like, really never ever) cross your minds — this one is the worst — until your heart explodes into beyond pieces but your brain forces you to be mature. Well, it is your choice how to deal with it!

Do you want to sink in with your tears? Or dance happily until you can’t feel your legs? It’s your choice!

Not all bad things give you bad impact. Mostly unacceptable situation might teaches you something worthy. Even it could change your minds, then it could change the whole inside you! Till you finally become someone new. A way better one of course.

However, don’t smile too bright when you get something you have been wanted for. Remember, the gleaming one not always guide you to the right way. Because it is too glittering until it makes you blind — so you are guided — you can’t choose your own way because you blind! Then BAM! You hit something and you fall.

See what I mean? Just be grateful for what you get, whether it is the worst or the best one. Choose how you see and deal with it.

It is your box. You don’t want to give it to someone else, do you?

Oh one more, what if the box is transparent then you guess what inside it?

Before I answer it, do you like when someone spoils your must-watch-movie-ever? I bet your answer is holy no friggin way!

Then don’t be like that! God doesn’t like it either. Let He play with His hands.

Anyway, have you opened your box?