Hacker News and Intelligence wars

Hacker news , the home of anything geeky and science/tech oriented. This is a place predominantly occupied by programmers and technology heads alike . One might think that a place congested with people believed to have high I.Q will be filled with intelligent conversations and be a great avenue for noobs in tech to catch up and learn. This what was i thought about hacker news upon registering , but what i saw was a shocker.

Hacker news is filled with two types of people on a large scale basis, the “shut the fuck up am smarter than you “ people and the “ only my opinion is right “ type of people . These set of people makes hacker news the equivalent of being in a war front in which the two party have relentless zeal to conquer and unending supply of ammo. Everything practically turns into an argument when it comes to hacker news. Here is an example scenario .

Thread title: “why i love node.js”
first comment : “ node.js is just too hyped up, python twisted does it better”
first reply to first comment : “ what do you mean by node is hyped up”
second comment: “ node is crap, erlang does it better”

By the 30th comment you get to see thesis level argument and the topic changes from love for node.js to why the V8 engine not entirely coded in assembly makes it crap. My point is ,sometimes argument derail the thread so much that you read the comments and you are like “ what does this have to do with this thread”.

Hacker news is a news forum filled with programmers who do meth, always high and have zero tolerance for anything they consider unintelligent. Hell!, you can open thread about how strong your mum is for a woman and watch the thread swing from being about your mum to biologist at each others neck claiming their own postulates of how your mum got the strength is right .