Week 17 &18(Web Hosting)

When it comes to building the next big thing, I need the freedom to focus on improving your app, not running your infrastructure. But the cloud doesn’t manage itself. That’s why I need application hosting from Rack space — the cloud that comes with all the engineers and experts you need to manage your stack from top to bottom. That way I can spend my time on my code, instead of my infrastructure.

“Why Do I Need Web Hosting?”

In just one sentence: Web hosting is a place where individuals or organizations place their websites.

Normally when we talk about a web hosting, it means a company that provides space on a computer (server) to *host* the files for your website, as well as providing Internet connectivity so that other computers can access to the files on your website.

I guess it’s not that clear unless you are well aware that your website is actually a collection of various computer files (HTML files, images, videos… etc) that are interlinked together. To put up your website on the Internet and share these files, a super computer (which we call a server) with high speed Internet connection is needed.

Here is a comparison table of the 4 options Best Web Hosting Providers 2015 :