Week 3

In week 3 I am search Social Media options for my website based on my clients requirements, Custom built Websites vs Content Management Systems and Technical Requirements for my website. What technical support I need to use my website.

I am planning, I am building Hobart Bangladeshi Community website and my client is Bangladeshi community.

Based on my client’s I decided that, the best option is Facebook and Google map for updating information. My client would also like to add some international student’s information link.

A content management system (CMS) is a computer application. CMS allows publishing, editing and modifying content, organizing, deleting. It is very help full to building a website and CMS can be good for people who have totally no idea on building a website from scratch, therefore it can be good and very helpful for them. The function and use of content management systems is to store and organize files, and provide version-controlled access to their data. CMS features vary widely, so it can help you to code for building a website from scratch.

The last task is “What technical requirements might your website have?”

Client said I have to be compatible with various browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Resolution is the amount of dots or pixels that make up an image. It is traditionally measured in DPI (Dots per Inch) it is now mostly referred to as PPI (Pixels per Inch). Resolution is quite important, as the wrong resolution in the wrong circumstances can look terrible.

The Server Requirements: Linux, PHP and MySQL servers.

My website will be 5 pages. I want to do my website is simple and clean. I would like to use my logo colour scrim as like as Bangladeshi flag which is red and green, main page light grey and white. I want to use slideshow image on my homepage, and I also want to use a link which is showing two languages front (English and Bengali) and Google map in my website

Evaluating Social Media options:

The pros of incorporating social media and using it can be help you to get your website most popular, seen by lots of people compared to just having the website, and social media is also a good way to interact with people who is from different culture. I think some of the cons of using social media are that you can be targeted by people easily, for example in the way of negative comments makes you upset or make you down, when you actually haven’t done anything wrong.

· The social media such as Facebook, Twitter is nowadays very popular and most of the people using it. The websites that haven’t reached the success of those would be MySpace, HI 5 (Used to be popular, but is now is getting down) Google+ and Xanga, a blogging website which was less popular than MySpace.

· The goals for this project would be to try and reach as many people who are moving in Hobart from interstate or overseas. So, they can get all update information, get to know each other and make their life easier and find everything within the one website.

The three social media sites I think would be best for Bengali Association of Hobart such as Facebook, due to the high amount of users; there is a higher chance of reaching more people. Second would be Twitter, due to the fact it is primarily a photo sharing website, so it gives the business a place to show off the work they do in more than one place. Third is either a tossup between Tumbler and Twitter, both are good for sharing photos, I think it’s just a matter of personal preference.

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