Radiance Sutra II 147 II

Worship does not mean offering flowers
It means offering your heart
To the vast mystery
Of the Universe.

It means letting your heart pulse
With the life of the universe
Without thought and without reservation.

It means to be so in love
That you are
Willing to dissolve
And be recreated in every moment.

I write these down, study them, and then commit them to memory. So all I have to do is relax my body, slow my breathing, clear my thoughts — and play back these sutras from memory.

This my friends, is bliss. In ancient times, intellect was based off of what you had committed to memory, not what you could find through a Google search.

I choose to memorize these sutras because I want to be able to open my heart to the universe at any time, anywhere.
“If not now when? If not me, then who?”

via — Moonchild and Her Guru & Sadhaka

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