How to copy a Joomla! 3.x Templates

If you are looking for some solution in Joomla 3.x or any later versions then you may search with these:

How to rename a Joomla template? How to re-brand a Joomla! template? Can i buy a Joomla! template and rename it to my brand name? i have buy a Joomla! template now need to change the template name, how to do that?

In this post i’ll go through with this. its really pretty simple in Joomla 3.x. In previous version of joomla! we used to copy folder, rename language and xml and bla bla bal hah :( too easy!!!

no! man!!! it was so hard before Joomla! 3.x

So what are the changes or new steps to re-brand a template into the name i want?? these are the steps:

  1. Admin Into your Joomla Admin and visit the Template Manager
  2. Select Styles Menu from sidebar of Joomla! to select the Styles
  3. Now find your proper Joomla! template.

4. Click on Template Details and Files Link

5. Now See the Copy Templates button at the top left. Click on it

6. Give your new template name. ex: shamsbd71 and hit copy template

  • You are done with the operation. Now close and see if we have succeed to do it. in your styles tab of template manager:

Yap, We have done it :). now lets go to template manage settings

So? what do you think? i have my re-branded new templates ready to use for any purpose.

Joomla! is a great CMS that i love too much and i believe you will love it too.

Thanks to be with Joomla!