(1) Edhi sub went to see the movies from cinema with friends but after short span of time Edhi sub realized that he wasted his precious time and used that time for the betterment of human being and started to sell matchboxes in the street and follow the principle of “KAM, KAM AUR KAM”I also realized often the value of work when it give you sanctification. Laziness may appear attractive but work give satisfaction. After reading this example from the book i realized that wasted of time is a major sin and leant how to about the precious time. Because ‘TIME AND TIDE WAIT FOR NONE”.

(2) My goal that i wanted to attain is that to open a such type of organization in my home town which collect money from wealthy people who have surplus money and spend on poor money in order to make a better society. I knew i have confronted with many hurdles in order to achieve desired objectives but i am optimistic i will collect adequate money for needy people.In Past i tried to open such type of organization and collect forty thousand with the collaboration of friends. we give this money to one needy family who desperately need money for daughter marriage and they give us prayer that give us solace. But due my further education and some other reasons i am unable to continue this organization. But i knew the importance of charity because disparity of economy among the people is the biggest cause of evils. poor economy leads the people to crime. In order to make a better society it required the distribution of wealth.i am aware about challenges that achieved this task. Feudalism is the great hurdle to attain desired objective and some of my friend making fun and give me name beggar etc. I also have a problem to have to collect enough donation but i will try to collect maximum money and spent on poor people.

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