How to Embed Medium Articles and Feeds on your Website :-

Shamsu Musthafa
Jan 14 · 3 min read

Medium is not like any other platform on the internet. Its sole purpose is to help you find compelling ideas, knowledge, and perspectives. They don’t serve ads, Medium is home to thousands of independent voices.Its free for anyone to use.

Now you can embedd Medium articles on your website. here is the way, try it out 🤞

First login to Medium and copy the URL of your publication/feed,

Medium profile

Then Go to to PixelPoint’s Widget.

PixelPoint’s Widget

PixelPoint is a company that is basically a team of freelance software developers working together to create apps for specific companies, some public, some private. They’ve created apps for companies like eBay and VMWare, and they’ve published some basic apps like a simple mute button for Macs.

When after landing you can see a box asking for URL of the profile or publications you want to make a feed for. All you need is the simple URL and you’re good to go (in my case its )

Paste the link and hit generate!

Now you need to configure how you want the widget to look.

  • How many posts do you want to be displayed in your embedded feed? You can choose anywhere from 1 to 10.
  • How many columns do you want in your widget feed? If you want a vertical feed similar to a Facebook or Twitter timeline, choose 1. If you want something a little more like a grid, choose two or more.
  • How large do you want your article’s preview image to be on the display? You can choose a large image, a small image, or no image at all. Small images tend to fit best if you’re using this as a “related posts” style widget, while large images work better for more up-front or featured content.
  • What do you want your photo aspect ratio to be? You can choose the original ratio for the image, landscape orientation, or a square. Choose whichever best suits the images you want to use.

Which elements of Medium do you want to display? You can toggle the description on and off,

  • You can on or off the author credit,
  • You can on or off the number of claps,
  • You can on or off the number of fans you have,
  • and you can on or off the publication date.
Preview of the Widget

You can see the preview of the widget you created on the bottom of the page.


And You’re all done👏 Below the Widget-Preview, You can see Get code Option, from there You can Copy the Script and embedd it anywhere you want.

This is how that script look like,

Check this Demo to see how it works in a website.


  • Third party widget.
  • New data retrieve every hour, You can’t change this to be more or less active.

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