One reason why incest is on the rise.

Why should we not talk about sex? As a race, Indians love to brush all things about sex right under the carpet. And if it involves abuse, all the more so.

Incest — sexual abuse by a blood relative— is on the rise in many countries. India isn’t any different. If anything, there are more cases being reported here.

In my line of work with youngsters and teachers in the last 8 years, I’ve come across several cases of incest, each one worse than the other. One reason for the increasing no. of instances is the lack of communication between parents and children.

Both parents are working, come home late, spend very little time with each other and don’t share quality time as a family. And what happens when this is the situation? Children are easily lured by cousins, brothers and fathers for sexual favours. Most people think it’s only girls who are affected, but the truth is that boys are easier to mingle with at homes and family functions. If we see a man with a small girl on his lap, we might doubt, but if it’s a boy, we will not think otherwise.

It’s easy to overlook the nuances. But if we do, our sons and daughters will be victims for life, scarred beyond repair.