We can stop bullying — and for good.

No one will be bullied if no one allows themselves to be bullied.

One thing that most bullied victims have in common; They don’t stand up for themselves.

Some of them may learn to do just that and get away from the cycle, like I did, but not all of us can. Why? Because bullying subjects its victims into thinking that they are like ants that can easily be squished.

I’ve been to three schools in my life, two for elementary and one for high school, and I’ve seen bullying in those three schools, two of them I’ve witnessed firsthand.

When I was young, just six and seven years old, I was under a teacher who hated me so much. She ridiculed me in front of everyone, saying I was this selfish, stuck-up b****. Yup, she said it.

There was one time, I was part of their so-called top three in Math, and those in top three were privileged to go to competitions. Now, that teacher wanted somebody else in my place, somebody that had a little to no potential(just being frank and honest here). I was using some basic algebra my mom taught me, but she wasn’t having any of it because she wanted it her way. So, that’s how the name-calling and giving detention started.

I got away from her when I transferred schools. But the school I transferred to was no better. The teachers loved me, but the classmates didn’t like me. Why? Because I “took” the place of their valedictorian. So, the rumors also spread about me bribing the teachers of my position. It stopped a year or two later, when they finally realized that I wasn’t giving a damn about those gossips.

I thought that going away and transferring to a place where that damned teacher can’t reach me was the end of it. The end of the torment and all humiliation. But no, there were still some bullies.

What’s the end? Nope, I didn’t give public speeches. Nope, I didn’t run away. Nope, I didn’t become a bully. Nope, I didn’t cry. Nope, I just stood there. Yes, I was alone. Yes, I was afraid. Yes, there was a time when I wanted to punch somebody. Yes, I didn’t give a damn. My principles remained.

If you’re bullied, if you think that you’re about to give up, just think about this. Just think what I thought those years ago.

If you hate me, I’ll be on your mind, every single time. Think about it. You’ll devise ways on how to make me down. You’ll spend some time, telling rumors about my downfall. Why I transferred, because I couldn’t get first place. How I transferred to Section-A, because of connections. Why I’m in first place, because I paid the teachers. See? You thought about it.

But, I didn’t give a damn about you. You called me names, the whole school scorned at me, but you have to learn how to respect me. You will learn how to respect me. I am a person with principles, and one of those is me knowing that I live in an unfair society, so expecting the injustices and rolling my eyes about it is the perfect way to live life. You’re a fool if you believe in it, you’re wise if you know it’s wrong to listen to it in the first place. It’s all about you and your insecurity in the end.

Just remember, no one will be bullied, if no one allows themselves to be bullied. You gotta have the guts, you gotta have the courage. You gotta be you. And if those fools can’t accept you, then it’s their loss. They’ll be the ones burning in hell anyway.

P.S. And if you can, give a couple of punches to those douche bags in the face. Hurts like hell, but worth it.

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