Hope in Creation

Hope; the lifeline of our greatest creations.

Uprooting pre-existing notions.

Weaving through the spikes of fear.

Trusting that I am held.

Finding solitude as I am.

As we are.

Existing to love deeply and surely not alone. For what good is that gift if never accepted. Never reciprocated. Why else would that degree of love even exist in the first place?

I suspect God dared himself with that possibility though. And if so, he knew of a purpose in loving without return. A deep understanding that the outcome doesn’t prove to matter.

What a terrifying thought.

So tragically beautiful.

Life’s most beautiful design.

The possibility alone justified igniting the pursuit.

Fearless pursuit. Fearless hope.

Hope as an electrifying, immortal constant.

Our Hope. She faces forward. Eternal possibilities. Never losing sight. Never weakened. She exists because the desired outcome exists. They are destined for one another.

Anticipating that pure attainable, sustainable ecstasy.