Part 2 of School Is Cruddy

On Friday ( yesterday ) it was a half day. NO LUNCH.( #3 Cruddy thing ) Which meant I’d be dismissed at 11:05. Reading started at 8:15, and it was 2 minutes before that. So I made a comic — I mean, I READ a book. Then I went to reading. Do you know what WordMasters is? Well, it’s this program that is for 2nd grade, 3rd grade and fourth grade. I’m in it. So, technically, we learn our list 2 words. Some are Scent, rude, sturdy, and turret. Etc. My teacher is Miss D, so I obviously know all this. It’s because I’m in the advanced reading class. It’s first period. I just read a multicultral book by Sook Nyul Choi. Yeah, she’s North Korean. Like when she was younger, she lived in Pyongyang, North Korea and this was in the 1900’s. Apparently, the Japanese were not being nice and if the Koreans worked for them they’d pay them very little money.

8:26 — At my seat

Miss D. ( Davis ) told us to take out our homework assignment. Of course! My Taboo cards were ready. My chosen words were Lair, Rapid and another one I forgot. Apparently, the boy sitting next to me was, well, still. And the boy sitting across from me was reading a Geronimo Stilton book. So I was like,


Well, I didn’t actually SCREAM that. That’s rude. So I then just literally waited for the teacher to SAY something. Obvious, anyway.

CRICKET. CRICKET. CRICKET. ( #4 Cruddy thing. )

She finally answered.

PART 3 SUNDAY!!!!!! :)