Part 3 of School Is Cruddy! Please support this series.

It was another day. Tuesday, because yesterday it was Presidents Day( #5 Cruddy thing). I arrived late because I had a dentist appointment. So what I expected was for me to get a Tardy Slip. No. I had a good excuse. I got to class just in time for Writing. My teacher Ms. S, (Saltz) showed us how to do it on Macbook Airs. Thing is, I couldn’t find my Google Doc I was supposed to type so I started a new doc. ( #6 Cruddy thing. ) My secret word in my doc was sneeoka, courtsey of Snowflake, { Since we were writing winter stories } and we needed to finish these by Thursday. We were inspired by the book Frindle, by Andrew Clements.

P.E. ( Physical Education )

We finished our skit of Dancing last week, and today our new skit was bowling. Of course, my teacher, Mr. Ryan’s lecture was SO boring I thought my brain would ooze out of my ears.( #7 Cruddy thing. )Nope. The results were still the same. We were learning about how to bowl. I KNOW how to though. It’s SUPER easy. All you do is roll the ball in what they call the Spiderman position and watch the ball hit the pins. He said — wait, I forgot, wait…. Something about some position, NOT THE HANDS though. We played the game, and my team won! KAWAII!


I am a home~luncher, so I ate my food slowly. Valerie and Salwa, the sick little cookies, ( HA! ) came with Cheeseburgers. They do literally EVERYTHING together, like eat together, draw manga together, etc. I just want to pursue my dream and KICK them someday. Like in their EGO. Or their IQ of a box of crayons. It’s like their ego is SOOO big, it has stretch marks. Of course, they were playing a game called Verses, ( Yandere style ) and tried to stab Kai.


Another game of Verses. I was moved to the highest level in the game, all thanks to my power, the Titanoboa. ( A extinct snake. ) Of course, I had to stalk people. Really. The final test. Then I became the lead warrior in the game. ( Not to brag. )

Math ( Arithmetic )

We were learning how to write checks. Like whats a withdrawl and deposit and etc. When we actually came to write one, I was baffled.

Thanks for reading! Part 4 will be ASAP ( As soon as possible! )

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