Clear skies adorned the mountain .Stars lit up the stratosphere as confetti as moon just seamed approachable. It is one of the rarest times when you could see the stairway to heaven , he chuckles . Quiet literally though as he have seen countless beings trying to capture the might of this beast but till the end of the times it remains a virgin peak.Unconquered sending souls to heaven .

As he gutted in sitting there capturing the unimaginable it disappeared yet again .The clouds came in from nowhere wrapping the mountain around .The essence of quietness had been replaced by the guzzling sound of the winds as if it was a reminder of the unpredictability of this terrain .He had seen this for years all together .The thunderstorms were back again.As the rain gods pour flood and the sounds of the thunder intimidated him, he cuddled with his flock as it was the only family he had ever known.

He was a grazier a wanderer at best but what made him stood apart was his imagination.When he was small he heard stories of a town up above those misty mountains that his ancestors will call his homeland .A place so surreal that would cure all the odds , A place where misfortune ends and beings can live as long as trees.He would lend ears to all the chatter, imagining reaching there one day but there was hardly any substance to these .They will tell him all about its mysteries it’s unimaginable power but no one will tell him how he got in to foothills in the first place,how to reach there again ,does the place still exist.At best it presumed to be a child of their imagination.

It is said the first act of doing something is imagining.He was very well versed with that He daydreamed about the place now and then as he grazed the cattle in the grasslands looking in awe of the mountain.

He would also turn into a tourist guide to compensate his meagre income but more so because he liked to have his imagination heard.He would frantically leave dwellers with tales of virgin mountain they called it Ajitam the unconquered.But this was not what he was after .He wanted to scale up there just to find his village Nirvrati ,his life purpose.

The night was finally over .As he dreamt of doom and gloom he was woken up with the warmth of his mammals.