When I tell people I’m a creative technologist on the Applied Creative Technology team (ACT for short) at Pinterest, I’m always asked the same thing:

“What does that mean?”

After several failed attempts at concisely explaining what I do, I lamented to my manager Tobias that ACT sounded like a fake title. He chuckled: “It may not sound like a real title, but I promise you it’s a real job.”

And he’s right. As a discipline, creative technology has existed for a while. In essence, it’s about understanding both the design and the technical world that design has to live…

Tips for technical students looking to pursue design

Lately, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my own journey from studying computer science at UC Berkeley to pursuing a career in product design. I’ve realized that making a transition from engineering to design can be confusing and intimidating given a lack of advice and resources. Some friends in similar positions have asked me for advice, so I thought I would share some thoughts based on my personal experiences.

Career tips

Build a portfolio. Work on projects in classes, clubs, and research groups. If those aren’t options, carve out time every week to work on a project just for fun. You can…

A couple of weeks before I started my summer internship at LinkedIn, I received an email from my mentor. In it, he asked, “What do you know about accessibility?” I replied, “Nothing, but I’m willing to learn!”

First, I learned what accessibility was — the practice of making something available and accessible to as many people as possible. This means designing and developing for not only the average user, but also people who may be blind, visually impaired, mobile impaired, or may have another type of disability. They might use assistive technologies like a screen reader or a headstick. Or…

What I learned from spending 4 days with 20 women @Square Code Camp

Last week, I went camping for the first time. There were no tents or sleeping bags, but there was a fire on the first night. And in its dim glow, 21 women from colleges across the U.S. and Canada milled about a chilly backyard in San Francisco, slowly getting to know each other. …

Shana Hu

Creative technologist at Pinterest.

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