In the era of digital space today, we are all witnessing the rise of web series. Our country is no where behind the race. There are a lot of Indian web series which have got us all hooked to the screens. India is coming up with more and more series in the coming time and will be among the top elite countries to produce mind blowing web series. ‘Netflix and chill’ is pretty much all of our lives today, but there are other platforms who’ve contents who’s quality is at par at Netflix. Some of the platforms with equally interesting content are Viu, Amazon prime, Ozee, Hungama etc. There are some mind blowing pieces of work in these platforms but there are some very interesting series that caught my attention in the recent time. and its not from Netflix. Yes, you heard me right, I’ve found some amazing pieces which are not from Netflix. I saw 3 web-series in the recently and it blew my mind. Not 1, not 2 but 3 web-series which were equally good in their respective genres. We’ve all heard about the famous ‘Sacred Games’. I thought India cannot make a series close to that ever again. But I’m proud to say that I’m wrong and India has come up with a equally thrilling original crime series ‘Hankaar’ which is streaming only in Hungama. Apart from this the other two series that has caught my attention are ‘Damaged’ and a very new series which has got positive response across all the platforms that is ‘Bar Code’. In this blog I would like to talk about these 3 amazing series in detail and what did I like about them.

  1. BAR CODE:

Bar Code is a series about two friends Sahil Chopra played by Akshay Oberoi and Vicky Arora played by Karan Wahi who own a nightclub business together. But they let their differences and resulting egos drive a wedge between them and end up becoming rival nightclub owners. Things get dangerously out of control when both of them find themselves deeply entangled in each other’s personal lives. With a lot of thriller, drama, romance, drugs, money and lust, Bar code is one of the most thrilling web series streaming only on Hungama. 2 clubs, 2 men, 2 egos!!

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This psychological crime thriller is a series in which the story begins with the disappearance of a famous painter. Soon the cops realize that his case is just the tip of the iceberg, there are numerous other young men who have gone missing and have never resurfaced. Investigations start and a suspect emerges — Lovina. This turns into an intriguing cat and mouse game between Lovina and the police, led by Abhay. I was mind boggled when I watched this and the climax of the series is worth deserving an award. Follow the link below to watch this series.

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Hankaar is a high-octane drama that takes the audience on an intriguing journey through the seedy underbelly of Mumbai. Ruled by the dreaded underworld don, Z (Ujjwal Chopra), Mumbai is just a chessboard for him with its residents, merely pawns. With the reins of the city in his hands, Z ensures that every major criminal business in the city belongs to him and every individual is under his thumb. Hankaar is the story of 5 people set in the world of crime in Mumbai. The stories are about their struggles and their ultimate fall as they are thrust into the dark alleys of organized crime, unaware of their connection to a common enemy.

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These are some of the most intriguing series that I’ve come across in recent time and i bet you all will enjoy this once you start watching them. So, go have fun watching these amazing series.

Until next time.