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xPress Funnels Review: How Can This Software Help You Succeed Online?

Hello and welcome back! In this installment, the software we’re reviewing is xPress Funnels. My name is Joe Sturtevant with My IM Journey.

I’m honestly excited to get into Glynn Kosky’s new software program right alongside you. I wanted this software, so I picked up my own personal copy, took a nice, close look, and I truly believe that I’ve established quite a well-formed opinion regarding this software.

Naturally, close to no Internet marketing software is perfect. I find that xPress Funnels has both its pros and cons. In just a moment, we’ll cover these.

Just please realize, should you go ahead and snag xPress Funnels via my link today, I’ve got some special bonuses for you, which I have constructed to combat the cons.

Sound like a good deal? I thought so too! ;)

Okay, so back to the review…

xPress Funnels Overview: What Is It?

This is a cloud-based software that should operate for you no matter what operating system you use. Glenn specifically designed this software to assist you in launching a profitable ecom business without having to spend any monthly costs for the system. If you are a Shopify store owner you know how expensive it can be every month! Well, with xPress Funnels, you only pay a nominal up-front cost and you get all your funnels hosted forever for FREE.

And these aren’t just any funnels, they are proven to work Free Shipping and Free Plus Shipping offers. These are very simple but SUPER effective! If you buy through my link, I am giving you a case study of one of these Free Plus Shipping Funnels that does $100,000 in sales PER MONTH!

This is really something that can help those wanting to get into the ecom niche — in a BIG way.

If this seems a bit vague or difficult to grasp (explaining software with written text can be difficult), then you are encouraged to click this link and watch the demo video. It’ll serve you well. :)

Before you head off to the official site, however, I’ll go ahead and give the software a bit of scrutiny. At the end of the day, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want a no-nonsense xPress Funnels review, and that’s what you’re getting. Time to begin…

xPress Funnels: Is It Worth a Darn?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve only just given this software a test drive. As such, I haven’t had put any products out to get traffic yet. I just wanted to get a feel for how to set everything up and how easy it is to use. It was VERY easy, by the way. I think this piece of software could get you into ecom profits pretty quickly.

According to Glenn, Kelly Marshall was able to generate somewhere in the neighborhood of $485 from just one funnel she launched. Pretty exciting stuff.

Where the software’s user-friendliness is concerned, I’m gonna go ahead and give it a a rating of 10 out of 10. The ability to use it confidently only took me about 15 minutes to obtain. I’m sure you’ll catch on pretty quickly yourself.

Are There Any Training Tutorials?

Yep. They’re pretty good, too. The results you experience with the xPress Funnels software should be magnified when you combine these tutorials with my custom bonuses (see below).

Monetarily, I’ll reveal my white-hot bonuses. I think that price is a good first thing to discuss, along with all the thank-you gifts available to you, and any upgrades that are up for grabs. Then, we will move to the perceived good points and bad points… and at long last, you can see what kind of bonus package I’ve put together for you.

If that sounds good, then let’s move along…

xPress Funnels Price:

As of this writing, the cost of the front end offer is a very reasonable $23.

The price will only go up from here, though. If the price is still cheap, therefore, then time may really be of the essence for you, and you should grab it now. If you grab it at a higher price, it may still very well be a good decision. Still the fact remains, if it’s still available at the reasonable bargain price quoted above, you may really want to make the investment ASAP!

Are Any Bonuses Available?

Yes, there are a few nice-looking bonuses mentioned on the sales page. But again, this is only the case as I write this. So I’m not going to go into tons of detail, since you can just pay a visit to the official xPress Funnels page to see what’s available now.

Besides, I already know that it’s MY bonuses that you’re REALLY interested in. ;)

Seriously, we’ll jump into that in just a moment. In the meantime…

Are Any Upgrades Available With xPress Funnels?

Yes, there are 5 OTO’s. These consist of:

· OTO 1 — Done-For-You Funnels

· OTO 2 — UNLIMITED Version (Additional Templates + Unlimited Funnels)

· OTO 3 — xPress Profit Multiplier Funnels (List Builder Funnels + FB Pixel)

· OTO 4 — xPress Funnels Automated Traffic Flow

· OTO 5 — License Rights

These upsells are “value added,” being that they’re designed to enhance your results while using the front-end product. But make no mistake, xPress Funnels should still work just fine without them.

Honestly, the product we’re reviewing today SHOULD play an important role in your success all by itself. The question is… DOES it really?

xPress Funnels Review… Will xPress Funnels Produce Results?

Straight to the point. Will xPress Funnels actually help you build a bigger income in less time? I hate to have to say this, but… it depends on you. I can say that the proof on the sales page does seem convincing. And this simple funnel system has been proven effective so all you need is a good product and buyer traffic!

xPress Funnels Pros:

  • Super Simple — No Technical Skills Needed
  • Proven to Profit Method
  • Money Back Guarantee

xPress Funnels Cons:

  • No Traffic Tools Included
  • No Products Included on the Front End

I wouldn’t say that these negatives really hurt your chances of success. Even still, I’d like to treat you to a few of my exclusive bonuses for picking up xPress Funnels through my link today. My bonuses include:

Custom Bonus Pack 1 contains some very relevant and valuable products and information to make the most of your xPress Funnels purchase. DO NOT miss the $100,000 per month case study — it’s INSANE!!!!

Custom Bonus Pack 2 contains some very relevant and valuable products and information to help you drive free traffic to your xPress Funnels. These are proven ways to get plenty of traffic into your funnels to drive sales!

Custom Bonus Pack 3 contains some very relevant and valuable products and information to get the most out of multiple social media channels to drive traffic and sales to your xPress Funnels purchase. Social media is probably the best venue to spread you xPress Funnel products.

When it comes right down to it, I seriously want to see you succeed with xPress Funnels! These bonuses happen to have been designed to make this happen. I do make it a priority to avoid offering any “$25,000 value bonus package” nonsense, as this would only insult your intelligence and not really help you.

These types of bonuses are very likely to consist of unhelpful private label rights foolishness. More often than not, these aren’t truly created in an effort to bring you greater success. My awesome bonuses, however, are.

As xPress Funnels really does seem to be a heck of a software at a heck of a price, I’d encourage you to go ahead and purchase it right here now. There’s a full money back guarantee. Don’t forget, this is truly a limited-time offer, so get in while you can.

I’m hopeful that you feel as though reading this unbiased xPress Funnels review has been a good use of your time. My intention was to be a friend who’s helping you to make a business decision that you are beyond thrilled with.

Loads of aspiring marketers acquire money-making software programs, but never actually use the stuff. Hardly anybody takes a piece of software and uses it to make themselves some money. I hope that you’ll be an exception to the rule.

Buy xPress Funnels through my link post haste and claim my special bonuses. Fantastic decision, my friend. :)

Thanks again for stopping by!

- Joe Sturtevant