CX= UX + DX or UX=CX + DX or (U+C+D)X = !?!

*C=Customer, U=User, D=Digital, X=Experience.

Users beware — here lies someone who skipped the click to end all clicks!
Consumers beware — here lies someone who paid for his free lunch!

These are the headstones carved out in digital ink on the graves of a downtrodden user and his shopaholic persona.
When the world was created and the first user was born, he was sold a lie.
That lie still endures on in everything that he has chased, every time he has added things to his cart or every minute that he spends online filling up endless forms.

Come the digital age and the snake has a new glorified persona — albeit in different tongues and interpretations.

There is an army of dark researchers, designers and product managers who feed the snake which feeds on make-believe personas and plays with mental models of users/consumers.

As we approach the end of days where we are defined by all things digital and by our browser history, we as so-called UX researchers, designers and strategists need to think inwards and do some soul searching to figure out:

Are we building an experience around the customer or are we manipulating the consumer/user/customer to follow the signs which offer (false?!?) nirvana?

As the adage goes, teach a man how to fish and the fish shall always curse you. No, wait, that’s not how it goes. But I am sure that is how the fish feels!
So who is the user/consumer here?
The fish or the angler?
And while you are it, please also consider putting some corn bread or grains on the chicken’s side of the road so that he spares us the conundrum of crossing the digital highway!

Disclaimer: This article didn’t start off with a user intent or a business goal and did not consider asking a group of angry villagers armed with usability tools their views. No stakeholders were harmed during the writing of this article, and the author claims all responsibility for spawning any fresh ideas based off this post!!

-Shandar J-

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