It all begins with me before we

Every year on January 1 I resolve to write. This year I at least start.

Who am I? No one important. In fact quite a nobody in the grand scheme of things. But I am a storyteller and have lived 58 interesting years full of wonder, learning, stumbles, triumphs, laughs, and tears.

I bounce from thing to thing, battling my attention deficit disorder, or embracing it depending on my mood. Sometimes it is a curse and other times it is the greatest gift. With it I both struggle to finish the task at hand yet find energy by the new idea and the bright and shiny around the corner.

I am a creator. Some call me a renegade. I push against the grain and prefer the future to the past. I think the current generation owes the next and I think our legacy lives not in the stuff we collect, the followers we amass, or likes that are clicked, but disciples we leave.

I follow Jesus and His Word. I try and let Truth speak for Himself in a world where there are a lot people who reinterpret the Timeless for the times. He does not need us, We need Him. Christ does not crave earthly power or popularity even in a world where His followers are convincing themselves otherwise.

I have had many mentors along the path, some good, some bad, some a mixture of both, but all teaching me things about myself, others, and God Himself. To them I am forever grateful and you will get to know many of them as we journey together.

I love the Church, serve the Church, and ache for what She has become in so many places. Yet, I pray and hope for a revival that brings her back to what matters and allows her to discard those things that don’t. She is the bride of Christ and we need not ever forget this fact. Challenge is needed, abandonment is not.

I am loved, chosen, and perfect because of Christ. I spend my life trying to become who I already am, knowing that one day face to face I will get there. Until then I daily attempt to die to self in order the please the one Master to whom I am enslaved. Being selfless in a selfie society is difficult but I am trying.

But this is a journey and I am not there yet! In fact I am far from being there. Yet, my odometer has more miles than most who will read and I want to share for those who may gain from the things I have learned along the way.

Whether you are a college student considering where your life is going, a couple starting a lifetime together, or just another pilgrim on the road toward Home, you are welcome here. Just know your guide is a flawed sherpa leading with cloudy glasses.

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