Discouraged? It happens – whether you’re a corporate guru, a successful entrepreneur, an employee or a student trying to break into your field of study.

Often we prefer no one knows because we are what we think, right? If we come across as down or discouraged, it could be to our detriment. We don’t want to appear weak or needy. The truth of the matter is, we need to address discouragement first and foremost, or we can become stuck and ineffective, or it may lead us to deeper issues.

Let me clarify that I am specifically discussing discouragement here, and…

I have a deep desire to reach the world with goodness and hope, but right now I’m trying to reach me.

As I navigate my fifties I find myself falling deeper into the realm of feeling invisible, unattractive, over the hill and unwanted. Let me explain.

In my twenties I had a day job I loved. Alongside that I also taught self-improvement part-time at a modelling agency. I was a size 4–6, had decent clothes and quality makeup. Women jokingly told me they “hated” me because I was thin. Men hit on me – married and single alike – even…

Shandra Carlson

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