Let’s find some answers (i)

Let me make something clear, this is 99.9% for me, and 0.1% for you. “You” isn’t anyone in particular, it is the reader, the observer, and anyone who might be interested enough to follow the progress I may or may not make.

The reason I state that this is largely for me is because I would like to follow a thread, and in unravelling this thread find out what happened to lead me to this point right here, right now, writing this. It is important to me for two reasons, number one: my mental health; number two: clarity. If I gain a clear insight to why my mental health faltered, I hope that I can deal with it better in case if and/or when it happens again. You might ask “Is it not so you can stop it from happening altogether?”, to which I would respond with the following: our minds never stop working regardless of our input, so how could I possibly stop it from doing something that I have such little control over?

I know I shouldn’t answer a (hypothetical) question with a (hypothetical) question, but I am going to try to keep most of what I write relatively light-hearted. As a precursor to the beginning of this venture, I should tell you that this is all written through experience. The opinions are my own, and I will be using very little hard science or writers to try frame my experiences with mental health. On occasion, I might refer to certain sources both on and offline, to which I will cite the source material as best as my memory serves. Otherwise, what is to come is all going to spill (mostly) unedited from my soft, malleable brain.

Until the next time, your friend,


[Picture not owned by me, rather the wonderfully insightful Bill Watterson]