5 Things Micro-Influencers Need to Learn from Top Influencers

You’ve heard that micro-influencers, even those with under 5,000 followers, can make some serious money on social media. And you’ve accumulated a pretty respectable following for yourself. Now you want to learn how to monetize your influence.

Or maybe you’re already aware of, and comfortable with your status as a micro-influencer. But you want to learn how to make more money, and start working with more brands.

Or maybe you want to grow your social media following to become a top influencer. But you have no idea where to start.

The solution is the same for all three of the above scenarios. Learn from people who have already been there, and done that, (so to speak).

In this post, you’ll learn about 5 of the most effective strategies of top influencers, and how you can use them to build, and monetize your own influence.

#1: Choose Your Aesthetics

Aesthetics are crucial, especially if you’re on Instagram. You want to give off the vibe that your work is of high quality. And since platforms like Instagram are visual in nature, you need to pick the kind of aesthetics you want to maintain. This will help you maintain consistency in the quality of content you produce.

As humans, we’re naturally drawn to visuals. By picking a theme, you help ensure that each of your posts will be eye-catching. And that together, they’ll form a cohesive statement.

They are also a visual representation of what kind of person and influencer you are. So when brands or potential followers visit your profile, and notice the uniform aesthetics you’ve maintained with your posts, it can make a good impression.

Example: Sam Ushiro

Here’s an excellent example from Sam Ushiro (@aww.sam), who has 262k Instagram followers. As you can see, the influencer consistently creates posts with bright and pastel hues that scream “fun” and “positivity.”

So if brands want to tell a positive brand story in a fun and engaging manner, Sam could be the perfect influencer for them to partner with.

#2: Post Consistently

You can’t expect to engage your followers if you don’t post consistently. Consistency doesn’t necessarily mean posting daily. But you need to set realistic expectations, and maintain a consistent posting schedule.

If you clearly know that you won’t be able to create a post every day, you shouldn’t promise your followers that they’ll get fresh content daily.

Just think about it. You’re busy for a few days, and then you finally have time to post your content. You end up posting about four or five photos. And then you’re busy again for several more days. This gives off an unreliable vibe, which means you could lose trust with your followers.

Instead, come up with a realistic idea of how many posts you can create in a week. Then plan your posting schedule. The idea is that your fans should be able to expect your content at a certain time, on the same days every week.

Consistency will not only help keep your followers engaged, it will also help you leave a lasting impression with them.

Example: Sincerely Jules

Top influencer and fashion blogger, Sincerely Jules publishes a new blog post every two or three days, and shares it with her Twitter followers. Recently, she published a new blog post on June 20.

She then shared news about another new post on June 22.

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