9 of the Best Ways to Increase Engagement on Social Media

Shane Barker

If you’re on social media, one of your biggest goals is to engage your audience. While social media provides an affordable platform to promote your business, you can’t drive conversions without engagement. And if you feel like your audience isn’t engaged enough, it’s probably time to review your social media engagement strategy. Here are nine of the best ways to increase social media engagement across various platforms:

#1: Use Wit and Humor

People use social media to be entertained; not to be sold to. If all of your social media posts are overly promotional and inviting people to buy your products, you might end up losing your audience’s attention.

Instead, use humor regularly in your posts to entertain and engage your followers. You can come up with witty puns related to your industry. Or you can accompany images with honest, relatable captions.

Chipotle does a great job of infusing humor into their tweets. Their tweets aren’t overly promotional about their products. Instead, they use relatable humor, which can sometimes be self-depreciating, but funny nonetheless. Their tone is casual, and in tune with the teen and young adult generation.

And as you can see in the screenshot below, their tweets get plenty of engagement.

#2: Create Original and Engaging Visuals

According to Wishpond, the average Facebook post gets 120% less engagement than posts that include an image. So if you want to increase engagement on social media, you need to post more images. It could be photos, memes, GIFs, or even original graphics.

You can use tools like Piktochart and Canva to create unique visuals that will engage your social media audience.

There are endless possibilities of visuals you can create for social media. If you want to promote your latest research findings or a post with interesting facts, turn some useful points into infographics. You can then share the infographic on social media with a link to the complete study, or post in your blog.

Or you can also create an image that promotes a contest or event. You can also create visuals to promote an upcoming product launch, or to celebrate a milestone.

Taco Bell promotes their YouTube videos through Facebook. But instead of simply posting the video with a video preview, they include a relevant photo in the post to engage their audience.

Another example is how Samsung uses original images to promote their product unboxing. As you can see in the screenshot below, they’ve created a unique graphic to promote their #UnboxYourPhone event. The image has a subtle outline of the phone, the brand and product name, and the time and venue of the event.

#3: Create More Video Content

Original graphics and images are an excellent way to increase social media engagement on Twitter and Facebook. But on visual platforms like Instagram, you’re already posting eye-catching images to engage your followers. So how can you increase engagement on this platform too? The key is to create and/or post more videos. While you regularly post images, videos bring a refreshing change to your usual content.

GoPro uses Instagram to regularly post images taken using their cameras. Besides regular photos, they also post videos every now and then. These videos tend to get more likes than the photos. If you go through their profile, you’ll notice than many of their photo posts get somewhere between 100,000 to 300,000 likes on average.

On the other hand, their video posts generate more than 400,000 views. Many of their videos, like the one in the screenshot below, even generate 500,000 views or more. This suggests that posting engaging videos is one of the best ways to increase engagement on Instagram. You can implement this tactic on other social media channels as well.

#4: Schedule Your Posts for the Right Timing

Social media users aren’t online all the time. So if you happen to post something while most of your followers are inactive, you could potentially lose out on engagement opportunities.

To increase social media engagement, find out when your followers are most likely to be online and then schedule your posts accordingly. The goal is to have them see your posts and possibly like, comment, and/or share the posts.

The best times to post can differ according to many factors, such as time zone and target demographic. But it can also differ according to the social media channels you’re using. So you might have to run a few tests to see which timing works best for you on different platforms.

According to an analysis of 16 studies by CoSchedule, Facebook posts tend to drive the most engagement between 1PM and 4PM on the weekends. As for tweets, your best bet to increase engagement on Twitter is to post them around 12–3PM during the work week. On the other hand, Instagram users are engaged throughout the week with the most active hours being 8–9AM.

This data proves that you’ll need to create different posting schedules for different social media platforms. You can check out the full CoSchedule post to find out the best post timings for other channels like LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

#5: Start Using Trending Hashtags

Based on how you use them, hashtags can dramatically increase engagement on social media. While your posts may already reach your existing followers, hashtags help you engage people who aren’t already following you. When you use relevant and trending hashtags in your Twitter and Instagram posts, you improve the chances of users finding your content.

You can use tools like Twitonomy to find trending hashtags in the relevant niche. Or you can use Hashtagify.me to stay updated with the latest hashtag trends. This research will help you participate in trending social media conversations. And it makes it easier for relevant users to discover your content, which can help increase social media engagement.

For example, there may be seasonally trending hashtags such as #halloween, #spring, #christmas, #thanksgiving, etc. And if you create seasonally relevant posts, you can use these hashtags to engage users. See how ASOS uses a relevant hashtag to celebrate the first day of spring with their Instagram post below.

In addition to this, you could also start your own hashtag trend. Come up with a unique, branded hashtag, and encourage customers to create relevant posts using said hashtag. You could offer them something in exchange, such as a chance to be featured, or a chance to win something. The goal is to get the hashtag to trend, so that other users who aren’t already within your follower base can discover you.

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