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Passion for cinema with a sprinkling of tech, social media and sport.

Embeddable versus the style guide

Embedding a follow button is a small way to raise awareness of Meerkat and spread it beyond the confines of Twitter. Though the call to embed brings back memories of websites that had so much embeddable content from other sources that you wondered were the original content started. Indeed some of them resembled a race car with advertising. Style guides have…

What I learned meerkasting on Meerkat

What follows are a few thoughts about my experience using Meerkat to live stream a game between Sutton United and Gosport…

If Google can give you a Now card for news then why not travel advice?

Travel advice is published by Foreign Affairs departments the world over. Can I have it as a Google Card ? I…

Meerkat and The Circle. How many zings is a live stream worth?

I am a Meerkat lurker who dives in to watch others but have not live streamed over Meerkat myself. The way Meerkat is being used is less about streaming live from your house but instead live streaming comes from places that people think matter. They are the

  • Ted Talk
  • On the podium…

Who gets a starring role in a Twitter Q & A ? Big hitter or backroom?

Sometimes a famous person takes time out to answer questions on Twitter. You either tune in for…

Krakow, some Kubrick and a salt mine.

This was my second trip to Krakow. On my first trip in 2010 the city was great value for money and while it’s now a bit more expensive it remains a…

Google, Hollywood and The Internship

A case of Hollywood going to war. 

The Internship a film featuring Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan as the fictional interns in the not so fictional Google is viewed by some as an example of cinema selling its soul. I have not seen the film but it comes with a warning; this film is just one big advertisement for Google. The studio

Tired of ad supported cinema.

In other areas you might expect to pay less to put up with advertising but that is not the case when you visit the cinema. 

The future of digital teams

Digital teams have a future, but the size of those teams will be smaller. They may not even be called a digital team, but will instead be a hybrid; mixing innovation, governance and horizon scanning.

Governance is a word bandied about, but really it’s about the digital team setting the rules. Should an organisation be fortunate or otherwise to…