Meerkat and The Circle. How many zings is a live stream worth?

I am a Meerkat lurker who dives in to watch others but have not live streamed over Meerkat myself. The way Meerkat is being used is less about streaming live from your house but instead live streaming comes from places that people think matter. They are the

  • Ted Talk
  • On the podium making a political speech
  • Behind the scenes Jimmy Fallon style rehearsing

Live streaming services are not new but the immediacy of Meerkat makes it feel like something from The Circle. The ability for us not just to photograph, video but now live stream from the dinner table is worth a thousand zings. What makes Meerkat less frightening is that the live stream is ephemeral. Streaming happens, not recorded, archived and its up to us views to remember and talk about it. Snapchat!