Thank’s for sharing your thoughts on this year’s GovCamp. I deliberately did not attend, reasons here but will be aiming to go in 2017. Good to hear that this year was more inclusive with fresh voices. Sounds like this year was GDS lite? Having attended previous GovCamp’s it can sometimes feel like a front for GDS, to dominated by issues generated by GDS et al. Though it is great to attend and meeting GDS staff because often you interact with them through Zendesk. Perhaps next year a session could be pitched meet the people behind your GDS Zendesk requests -) On the absence of social I am not assuming you are welcoming it’s absence but are instead just noting it. A session on social media does not have to induce ‘oh no, another session about Twitter’ a how to use the tools type session. However social media is fast changing, throws up new challenges and is a important tool for government local and central. Indeed one challenge for social media is how to challenge ISIS who have made it such an effective recruiting tool. I am sure the collective knowledge of GovCamp would have come up with some ideas. One for next year, depressing thought that such a session would be required but .. Anyway thanks for sharing your insight which is especially valuable for non-attendee’s like myself. Roll on GovCamp 2017

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