The food we eat is the technology we use, just think about it. Ya I know it is utter nonsense, cause it is. Lol, you thought about it didn’t ya? Fkof

Okay now coming to why am I doing this. I’m bored and I like food and technology in equal amounts. Hence this is the birth of technood ( foodology would have sounded way better but aah )


A brief
Yet detailed
Food that we use
Technology that we eat

Setting some ground rule (s):

1. Yeh mera personal opinion hai

Okay now that’s settled, let’s binge!

Google — Pizza

Yes, Google is the Godly flatbread the Italians/Americans/Russians ???? have made famous.

Loved by all, and hated by none, unless you are allergic to gluten, too bad

Was just a plain ‘ol bread back in the days, with a lil tweaks and travelling, has now become a giant success and the comfort of many.

You can find the meaning of life with each byte of consumption

Speaks to you when you are feeling uneasy, has endless joy and knowledge

If you are feeling lucky, give your local pizza place a ring ;), I’m sure they will deliver results in 30 mins or less (or in about 0.65 seconds)

Abundant growth in the valley, makes naan look like its shitty cousin

More time you spend with pizza, the more it understands you and vice — versa (roll terminator end — credit scene)

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