Ramblings about my luck with Mothers

My first stroke of luck was when my mother had the choice, she chose to continue growing me inside of her for whatever time remained until I was born. How lucky I am that my whole life she has chose to love me no matter what. How lucky I am that I have 5 siblings because my mom spent 4.5 years of her life pregnant. 4.5 years. What a woman.

When I really think about the fact that every human to ever exist was grown inside a woman for approximately 9 months, it blows my mind.

I am a father and the bond with my daughter is like no other. But I will never truly understand the connection of growing her inside of me. Being one in the same until birth. I will never fully comprehend the physical and mental changes a mother goes through to bring a child into existence. The best I can do is acknowledge.

I believe that so much, if not all, of what is good in this world today can be traced back to the love and nurturing of mothers throughout history.

How lucky I am to have spent my whole life surrounded by inspiring mothers including my own who have played a huge role in who I am today.

How lucky I am to be apart of my partner becoming the incredible mother she is today. I struggle to write this because my words can come nowhere close to express the true beauty of it. I cannot express the gratitude I feel towards my mother, Krista, and all the wonderful mothers that are and that have been. Again, the best I can do is acknowledge and appreciate all that they have done and do.

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