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We’ve all been to those conference sessions or keynotes where your’re expecting some inspiration or great technical pointers, and instead you get a blatant product pitch from some company. It’s exactly like an extra-long annoying commercial in the middle of your favorite show — except it shows up unexpectedly, meaning you can’t plan around it.

This topic comes up regularly in the technology conference space, most recently by Mike Bursell asking speakers to Stay On Topic! …

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(Today we’re interviewing Shane Curcuru about the recent issues reported with Facebook’s React.js software’s BSD + PATENTS file license, and what the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) has to do with it all. Shane serves in a leadership position at the ASF, but he wants you to know he’s speaking only as an individual here; this does not represent an official position of the ASF.)

UPDATE: Facebook has relicensed React.js as well as some other software under the MIT license, without the FB+PATENTS file. That’s good news, in general!

Hello and welcome to our interview about the recent licensing kerfuffle around…

There’s a huge amount of volunteer energy that flows around Apache’s Annual Member Meeting every year. Old members and new alike come together and brainstorm all sorts of new ideas, both organizational and technical — and we have plenty of online… discussions, let us say. There is an amazing amount of energy from a lot of very smart people, and when we focus this energy, we make real improvements to the Foundation and sometimes in some of our projects.

As we’ve grown, keeping a full shared understanding of all the details of membership and corporate operations has become much harder…

How much do you know about the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and the many Apache projects we host? Did you know we’re holding our annual Members meeting to elect our board of directors and new Members in just a few days?

I’m often surprised by the variety of basic questions and misunderstandings I hear in the software world about how the ASF really works. We’ve written plenty of documentation about the Apache Way and our governance, but let’s try a different approach. I’d like to interview myself to try to explain some things.

So, Shane, what *is* Apache? I thought it was that web server?

The ASF is a non-profit, public charity…

The contributors behind the awesome Groovy project are looking for a new home. It’s bad news that the project and some of its core contributors will no longer be sponsored (paid for) by Pivotal, but it’s great that the core contributors are organized and serious about moving their project to an existing Foundation.

As a long time Apache Member (among other things), I have a few suggestions for the Groovy community.

Joining a Foundation is Good

You’ve already taken the most important step: choosing to join an existing Foundation. Although each option comes with some compromises or tradeoffs, I assure you any would be far…

A friend was taking a psychological questionnaire with this question recently, and asked me if I lose things frequently too. My first reaction was to say no: I don’t often lose things, I’m the guy who has the things. I always have my keys and cell phone, and while my desk may have several (ahem, many) piles of paper, no, I don’t lose things, not me.

In our household, I am the Finder Of Lost Things. It feels like there’s some hidden household manual that says “If your MacGuffin is lost, the first step is ask Shane: ‘where is my…

Shane Curcuru

Father and husband, friend and geek, Director and VP of @TheASF, BMW driver and punny guy. Oh, and we have cats. Founder of Punderthings Consulting.

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