Work Placement Journal: Xpand International – Day 14

Today (31/03/16) we were back in Farset Labs only this time it was the first we had actually came in contact with James Gumble in person since we began our placement. We got to Farset at 10:15am and we began to go through the various different things we could be working on at that time.

We decided that the greatest priority was to work on the information brochures that James needed for launching/pitching the Xpand Access application to the European office in California and also to the actual European Union.

Brainstroming for the Access Brochures

This work that we were working together on (Michael and I) was very important for promoting and growing the business. Michael took one section of the brochure and I took the city specific sections where I had to make part of the brochure personal to each particular city.

The main city I was told to focus on for the meantime was Liverpool. So I brainstormed a few ideas on the large chalkboard walls with James and Michael and once we had finalised these ideas, we were joined by Matt Barnes.

Working together on the brochures, with shared criticisms and feedback we were able to make a great start to the look of each of the pages.

We signed off today at 5:30pm.

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