Work Placement Journal: Xpand International — Day Three

Today (02/03/16) Michael and I checked in on the Attendance Channel on Slack as usual… Updated the group with the days plan,

Check in via Slack (02/03/16)

Meeting with Jim McGrath (EnjoyCard) — 2pm

Michael was meant to join Helen and attend the meeting with Jim, however, he felt it was more suited to me based on the idea we had that Jim would need a website redesign. This is what we had been told by James before we went to the meeting.

However when we began talking to him we were informed that Jim no longer saw much point in the website and that he didn’t feel it was necessary to spend any money updating it. So the rest of the meeting was not really beneficial to me in anyway, but it was an experience nonetheless of how to deal with clients on a larger scale.

In the end Helen was able to agree a deal with him regarding marketing strategies and campaigns. This was something I was not really clued up on and therefore didn’t participate much in the meeting afterwards.

Notes taken during the EnjoyCard Meeting

NIFX — SiteJam Back-End Designing

Wireframes for the site builder

I began working from the beginning of the day on the NIFX design only this time I was trying to get my designs in the back-end of the website. The original website and company owner, Stephen O’Hare, had already set up his website with SiteJam. So I have been working in the back-end of SiteJam redesigning the look of the site, basing it on my Photoshop Design windows and trying to make it as nice as possible for him.

A few screenshots of the SiteJam Back-End Interface

The only issue I was having with using SiteJam was that I had never used a standard template builder before to design a fully functional website. However, working on it all day I was able to get the hang of the UI and I was able to make some progress as you can see from the above screenshots. 
Below you can see a short video clip showing the about and services pages… These pages contain the most design and content and the index page is already shown above.

This work saw me right up until 6:15pm when Michael and I felt that we needed to go home and fill our bellies with some dinner.

I’ll be back…

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