Setting Goals vs New Year Resolutions

January 2015 I made same old resolutions go to gym more, cut down on drinking/smoking, do a detox etc. What I also did was set 3 goals which would take hard work but have high reward. The goals were…

  1. Complete the Wicklow 200 & Rebel Tour 160km (Before this the longest cycle I ever did was a flat 130km flat. I selected these 2 as they are the toughest sportive cycles in Ireland)
  2. Become PMP Qualified (The PMP is a qualification I had my eyes on since 2011 but at the time didn't meet their requirements. As of January 2015 I had enough experience so could start my application and do the test)
  3. Identify what I want to be doing in 3 years time (Over last 2 years I have been learning how to make money online via solo ads, multi-level marketing and various adventures I found on the warrior forum. The issue was they were never something I would be proud of compared to an eCommerce site or software development. I wanted to find something I'm passionate about and at same time can help me create a passive income)

Goals vs New Year Resolutions

The results speak from themselves as I achieved all of my goals and can’t remember my resolution. l found having 3 goals really helped me stay focused as I knew I was accountable for the success or failure of them. The news years resolutions on the other hand were quickly forgotten and old habits returned.

The biggest difference between the goals and resolution were the goals were well defined with set criteria for passing or failing. Also I found myself accountability for the goals compared to the resolutions which I was over bothered if happened or not. In my mind the goals they were the minimum requirement to a successful year and now when reflecting on 2015 I can confidently say it was a successful year!

Tips for Setting Goals

  1. Goals need to be achievable. If you set goals that are completely unachievable you will end up giving up.
  2. Goals should be specific. You don’t want to create a goal that is very generic as it won’t be easy to define if you completed it or not.
  3. Don’t create long lists. Keep your goals limited so its not a big long check-list. Select goals that will bring high reward and satisfaction.
  4. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Last year I set out a plan on how I was going to achieve my goals and if I didn't start preparing months beforehand I would not of hit any of my goals
  5. Review your goals monthly. No point setting goals if your not going to look at them again till next December. Reviewing the goals will help you stay focused on what you decided was important to your success at the start of the year.

My 2016 Goals

I try keep the work/life balance as much as I can so I have set goals for both my career and personal development.

My Career Goals

  1. Attain the PMP PDUs (One of the main aims for 2016 is completing the PMI-ACP certification which goes towards PMP PDUs)
  2. Expand my Network (I need to network more with peers who have same interests as myself. Any event I go to I want to introduce myself to at least 5 people. I want to write a post on Medium once a week and actively participate on
  3. Complete (Create a eBook, 1k Monthly Visitors)
  4. Read 1 Book a Month (Last year was my first time reading a book besides studying and I loved it but reading kept getting de-prioritized for more “important” tasks)

My Personal Goals

  1. Visit 3 New Countries
  2. Becoming PADI Scuba Diver (Been scuba diving 4 times and loved it and always wanted to be qualified)
  3. Do a Triathlon (After completing the Wicklow 200 I have 100% confidence in my cycling ability so 2016 will be focused on running and swimming)
  4. Early Morning Routine (I tried this last year and gave up after 3 weeks hopefully setting it as a goal will help me follow through and start getting up at 6am instead of 9am)

Leave me know if you set goals and if you use any software to help you track them below in the comments section.

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