A week ago, I posted on LinkedIn about how unreal and outdated it is for hiring managers to disqualify candidates because of employment gaps in their resume without picking up the phone and letting them explain the gap in their own words.

Unfortunately, the post has gone “viral” and has been viewed more than 1.6 million times in the last seven days.

I say, “unfortunately,” because when a post goes viral, it means that a large number of people are able to relate to what is being said in the post.

Meaning, many job seekers feel they are being too…

As a teen, I volunteered weekends at Hospice.

I would sit with patients and read to them.

Many only had days left to live.

In my time with each of them.

I always asked the same question.

“Would you tell me about your life?”

No matter who it was, they would tell me stories about the same three things:

1. The love of their life

2. Their children

3. Their dreams

The people who seemed at peace so close to death were those who had married the love of their life, had healthy relationships with their children, and went after…

2 years ago Lisa was a prostitute.

Addicted to pills.

She would never smile.

Because she was missing all her teeth.

Her boyfriend knocked them out.

He frequently beat her.

My grandfather made a choice at 30.

To immigrate from Cuba to America.

He lost everything.

He lost his engineering degree.

He lost all his money.

He lost his clothes.

He lost his friends.

He lost his home.

When he arrived to Miami, he only had the shirt on his back, a $100 bill and a dream.

He didn’t complain.

He didn’t focus on what he lost.

He didn’t blame his circumstances.

He got three jobs.

He saved money.

He enrolled for English classes.

He networked with people.

He bought a small piece of property.

He opened a mechanic shop.

Some of you know I’m a cancer survivor.

From an early age, I was introduced to pain.

I had no choice but to learn how to fight.

I learned that life and pain exist together.

I learned that pain sucks, it hurts.

But I also learned how to adapt to pain.

The days my body hurt I would lay down.

I would read and write nonstop.

And so my passion for copywriting was born.

I would also pay attention to the nurses.

The doctors, patients, their families.

And so my passion for healthcare was born.

All I’m saying is pain…

  1. Don’t base your job decision on money alone. Look at opportunity for growth.
  2. Never sacrifice your happiness or health for a paycheck because you can’t get that time back.
  3. Become good at recognizing opportunity and seizing it. Never hesitate. There’s nothing more expensive than a missed opportunity.
  4. Invest some of your time in building your online network. Choose a job that’s cool with you building a personal brand.
  5. Go where you are appreciated.
  6. People skills are the most undervalued and yet the most essential to thrive in business.
  7. Only take advice from people who have success in whatever it is…

In January 2019 we launched our growth campaign on LinkedIn because we did our research and knew the immense opportunity for organic visibility and engagement. Our goal was to connect with decision-makers in the health and healthcare space, increase our authority, build a community rooted in trust, and drive high-quality client acquisition.

Our Growth Strategy:

Our strategy from the beginning of the campaign was to position each of our profiles as individual niche leaders in the healthcare space:

  • Shanee´ Moret — Leadership and Healthcare Marketing
  • Courtney Harring — Insurance Credentialing and Medical Billing
  • Joy McAdams — Physician Liaison Expertise and Healthy Lifestyle

Growth Results:


We aren’t just marketers. We’re a growth team.

What’s the difference between Marketing and GROWTH Marketing? Growth marketing is a creative system driven by data that allows companies to scale through creativity, testing, and proven processes.

As a growth strategy team, we look outside of the normal “marketing box.” The best way to explain this is to compare the following formulas for marketers vs growth marketers:

Think about it. You can create advertisements that bring in leads all day long but if there is a break in the customer journey at the first touchpoint of customer service (or at any point in the customer journey) then your level…

Shanee´ Moret

Healthcare Marketing— 15M+ views a month on LinkedIn — Cancer Survivor — www.medsnakemedia.com

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