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About a year and a half ago, I was hired to work on this ongoing project called Counterparties after answering a call from Felix Salmon and Ryan McCarthy for a journalist to work on a new project: “The vision for business section of the site is that it will be a single source for readers to find the best business news and analysis online.”

A year and a half later, a lot has changed at Reuters dot com, but my role here is pretty much the same: Counterparties is a contextualizing, value-adding service meant to be a resource for those interested in finding the best business writing on the web. That service is also, broadly, how I see my role as a journalist in the 21st century no matter where I work.

Today marks the end of the blog, but I don’t intend to stop sharing or contextualizing. You can find me on twitter (also Ryan, Ben, Felix, and Jordan, our housing-expert sometimes-freelancer). I’m also working on exporting a list of twitter accounts that Counterparties follows, so you can have the feed we looked at every day if you want. I’ll post that here once it’s ready (UPDATE: It’s here).

Other twitter accounts I’d give a very hearty #ff to for their ability to share good stuff, far and wide beyond the publications they themselves work for (in no particular order):

Matt Klein
Matt Zeitlin
Matt Levine
Cardiff Garcia
Epicurean Dealmaker
Helaine Olen
Cathy O’Neil
Noah Smith
Chris Mims
Guan Yang
Izabella Kaminska
Frances Coppola
Francine McKenna
Lauren LaCapra
Jenn Ablan
Lizzie O’Leary
Rachel Louise Ensign
Janet Paskin
Miriam Gottfried
Mary Childs
Anat Admati
Anna Louie Sussman
Lisa Pollack
Tracy Alloway
Kristi Culpepper
Cate Long
Annie Lowrey
Catherine Rampell
Alison Griswold

There’s plenty more, but these are the people who I consistently find point me to excellent writing. As a general rule, if his name is Matt and he writes about finance, he’s probably good at sharing on twitter. There isn’t a logical reason for it, but it happens to be true. (nb this list is tragically short on women. I consider that a personal failure, and I encourage you to point me to the awesome women I’m missing.) UPDATE: I added a lot of women.

As for curated lists of links, Twitter can never match the old fashioned blog. Here are your sources for link wraps. Most of these links will take you to blogs that post more frequently, but update with links once a day, usually in the morning. Some are more econ, some more finance, with a good balance of industry, media, and academia. All are worth a look every once in a while, if not every day. Enjoy!

Matt Levine
FT Alphaville
Guan Yang
Tyler Cowen
WCEG Equitablog
Abnormal Returns
Mark Thoma
Josh Brown
Barry Ritholtz

If this still isn’t enough for you, be in touch. I’d be happy to send you an exported list of my RSS feeds or simply suggest a blog.

— Shane

Freelance writer and law student, not necessarily in that order. Previously Huffington Post, Business Insider, and Reuters, and Artinfo.

Freelance writer and law student, not necessarily in that order. Previously Huffington Post, Business Insider, and Reuters, and Artinfo.