My Venture Capital Inception:

This is the first of hopefully many forthcoming posts chronicling my journey into the world of Silicon Valley Venture Capital.

For the past six years I have been working in a Business Operations and Finance capacity at Stanford Health Care managing strategic project delivery. Although I find the work extremely rewarding, I’ve always known this wasn’t my true calling. I always knew that my true path was in Venture Capital.

For the longest time I struggled with paralysis via analysis on how to best make an impression on Fund Managers and Investing Partners. Should I cold call? Should I email? Should I buckle down and throw $200k at GSB? Should I live in a tent outside of the Rosewood? The endeavor was fascinating but ultimately mentally crippling.

But, late one winter night I came across several medium posts by prominent investors that laid out strategies to land a job within Venture Capital. It was then that I had my “AHAH!” moment. The strategies outlined were simple and elegant — position yourself as an investigative reporter and show you can produce proprietary networks and deal flow.

The next morning I was completely enthralled with the concept and I knew that this tactic, coupled with a bit of guerilla marketing, would be my key to success.

Every few weeks I will be publishing a new #DealMemo to document my findings to the world and hopefully translate this into an interesting case project for future interviews.

So here I am… the front, back and side doors were locked upon my arrival — so through the wall I will go.

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