How I almost fell for an IRS phishing scam
Marc Hemeon

I also received one of these robocalls, but I usually don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize on my cell phone. I figure if they really need me they will either leave a voicemail or text me.

So I listened to the robocall after it left a robovoicemail. They called me on August 12th. The phone number they used was 213–308–3514, which is a Los Angeles, CA number.

I had a similar thought, that maybe I could of hypothetically missed something on my taxes. Some freelance job I did or something like that. But, the whole thing seemed to focus too much on fear. So I ignored it, I thought that if it was real, then I’d much rather just deal with the police or have the IRS actually show up at my house. I also was confident that I never missed anything from the IRS in the mail.

But, there definitely was this brief moment where I was feeling fearful.

Now I’m really glad that I just ignored it.

Reading through, it sounds like you were trying to catch them, but they kept knowing the answers to your questions which only increased your fear. Fear is one hell of a motivator. I never trust any person or any organization that relies upon fear as their primary motivator.

I’m happy to hear that you finally figured a way out and that something kept nagging at you loud enough that you could still hear it through your fear. This makes for a much better story to hear, because at least it has a happy ending.

I’m also happy that you were willing to openly share your experience here on Medium, I really think you will help people by sharing this.

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