If you haven’t noticed, we are in the middle of a mental health epidemic. Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Suicide is on the rise. PTSD, shootings, addiction… heard of them? When the center for thoughts and feelings (the mind) is in poor health, it creates a cascade of tragic outcomes and society pays the price.

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Here at MUD\WTR, we believe in standing for bold solutions. …

I have been into breathwork for a while. I started out with Wim Hof breathing. I heard about it through the usual suspects: Tim Ferris, Joe Rogan and tribe. It interested me because I’ve also always been into meditation and meditation is always closely tied to breath. So I thought of this as a little microcosm of meditation; something that if trained could enable me to go deeper.

Shortly after hearing about breathwork, I started to notice it elsewhere. My Jiu-Jitsu teacher Kron Gracie has the most intimidating breath pattern while training. He’s breathing like an engine, the closer he…

I like coffee. The smell, the flavor and more importantly; I love the ritual. There’s something about a freshly brewed cup of coffee that makes me feel like I can take on more, and do it better.

The dream would normally stop there. I would finish that cup, have an anxious peak of sprinting alertness with a jittery and unproductive comedown. It would f*** up my sleep cycle, leaving me tired the next day. Unconsciously ordering up another cup to “bring me back to life.”

I noticed more and more people saying things like “I’m trying to quit coffee” or…


Whether you are in the heat of a knife fight or just closed a round of funding, the outcome largely depends on your readiness for the occurrence.

People say luck is when “hard work meets opportunity.” Similarly, I think success is when one’s ability to respond is tested and wins.

Classifying this as the best personality trait is like saying my favorite organism in the forrest is mycelium. This is a trunk to a very large tree that is rooted in stress and our ability to handle and recover from it.

Stress can be physical like a deadlift or…

Shane Heath

Founder and drinker of MUD\WTR

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