Exploring the wild wilderness


I wanted to be a cat up until the age of 20. I am currently 21, and according to the guy who sits next to me in my photo journalism class, I look like a feline. I guess mission accomplished, right? Even though most dreams don’t come true, I am trying to achieve one of mine right now. I am a junior at the University of Lincoln majoring in Advertising and public relations. My dream is to one day work in this field of study. By doing this, I put forth 100% effort in everything I do, including school work. I am involved in many other things at the University as well. I recently joined the Advertising club to learn more about my major and meet other people that have my same fielf of study. In this club we go around to many Ad agencies across Lincoln so they can tell us what they do as their job. Being involved in my studies is very important, but another thing that is just as important to me is my family. I come from a family of four and I am the oldest. I have a little brother that is just starting his journey at the University of Lincoln this year. He also plays on the UNL mens hocket team. I come from a small town called Albion that has a population of about 2,000 people. My mother is a nurse in Albion, while my dad farms. Transitioning from Albion to Lincoln was a big change, but I quickly began to love the city life and it’s oppurtunities that it has brought me.