Obama and the Democrats Roll Over

Its time to elect stronger democrats

We now know that Obama knew about Russian hacking efforts prior to the election, but decided not to release the information to avoid the perception of government meddling. This was in poor judgment: with James Comey releasing a report of a ‘non-investigation’ days prior, government agencies were already meddling. Moreover, the information was material: Americans should be made aware if a foreign actor is actively helping one of our candidates. Both of these factors should have been sufficient justification to inform the American people. That he chose not to to avoid the GOP backlash is unfortunately characteristic of a broader pattern with Obama and the Liberals: Faced with pressure and obstruction from conservatives, they have made a practice of rolling over on key issues, to the detriment of the party and country.

This pattern is not limited to the election; Consider the supreme court. The Law very clearly affords Mr. Obama the responsibility to appoint a supreme court justice; and he appointed a highly qualified individual in Merrick Garland. The GOP denied liberals that right. It really was as simple as that: they have no right or legal precedent to do so, nor even a reasonable argument for it. They basically just said no, we’re not going to let you do that; and on behalf of the liberals, with gay rights and civil liberties on the line, Obama and the democrats whined a little and then let them get away with it. Dozens of critical posts across the administration have gone unfilled due to similar obstructionism, without challenge from the liberals.

Liberals also rolled over in the handling of the election, helping the GOP win the Presidency, the House and the Senate. With an unprecedented margin in the popular vote we might have had a case in the courts that the electoral college is not functioning. But even if we accept the EC outcome there’s credible evidence that if you remove voter suppression and purged ballots, Hillary wins the electoral college safely. Thats not democracy, its electoral fraud, and is more than enough evidence to warrant a judicial challenge. Yet, not only have the democrats yielded, but liberals themselves are the ones calling for an orderly transition. One is left to wonder why orderly is so much more important than legal.

No one should advocate for liberals to embrace the sensationalist garbage that propelled Trump to power. We don’t need it. The liberal platform, for the most part, is backed by facts and science. States with liberal policies have higher economic output than states with conservative policies. Liberal administrations correlate more strongly with growth, and liberal states generate almost 3/4 of the national GDP.

We also have the moral high ground: Liberal policies are measurably better for the poor and working class Americans. On top of making more money we take care of our poor, our sick and our disenfranchised. We’re not afraid of immigrants or minorities: they are welcome to join in our American dream.

Fewer children die in liberal America, and although we are pro-choice, there are fewer abortions in liberal American households. The American Dream, measured by income class mobility, is far more vibrant in liberal American than conservative states. We are the party of growth, morality, technology, and the future, and we don’t need sensationalism and lies to govern: our policies speak for themselves through improved lives of the people we represent.

We have absolutely no excuse for losing. A liberal America is better for 99% of the population: only plutocrats, billionaires, lobbyists, and the engines of corruption thrive under the republicans. Where liberalism has failed — notably with income inequality and tolerance for deregulation — its because we’ve abandoned our ideals; something we can fix in 2018. But to do that we do need leaders willing to fight for those policies and not roll over every time the GOP plays dirty.

“The great progressives of our past — JFK and FDR come to mind — didn’t sit around moping with intellectual platitudes every time someone challenged them. They took the liberal platform and fought for it, and won. They stood boldly for our platform, and held anyone who tried to undermine it with lies and subterfuge accountable and publicly visible as the fraud that they are. These great leaders of our past got shit done for the good of the party and the country, and defended our ideals. We need more great men and women like the to lead in the future.

“No more chicken shit, sad intellectualism. As liberals we have the right of it, and the facts to prove it. Its time we started fighting back.”